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Scanning Services Colour & B/W

  • Scanning Services at ROMANSONS Business Centre provides a complete electronic copying and storing service for easy archiving, dispatch, printing, photocopying and cutting the costs of storage and streamlining access to your records without additional manpower and support. It’s always safe, comfortable, convenient, quicker and easy.
  • Fact: Almost 20% of physical files and documents are misfiled and often never found. Having your documents scanned and stored will improve document management processes for your organisation, ultimately helping your business to reduce time wasted searching for documents, reduce overheads and improve customer service levels.
  • At ROMANSONS Business Centre, we use a variety of highly sophisticated colour and black/white digital scanning equipments to cater customers’ different scanning requirements. The Scanning Services at ROMANSONS Business Centre guarantees all customers the uniqueness in handling all type of documents from A5 size to A0 size width to any length. The customer will benefit reduced operating costs, lower capital investment, enhanced service delivery, improved staff productivity, saved space and enhanced business continuity.
  • Guaranteed performance and quality : We have already processed and scanned more than 10 million documents including drawings and other wide formats at our Scanning Section.
  • The key features like high confidentiality, high quality images, consistency of service and prompt delivery are assured at ROMANSONS Business Centre.