Our Services

  • Colour & B/W Digital Laser Prints

    High quality print on demand, on variety of media. Letterheads, Brochures, Leaflets, Banners, Posters, Business Cards, CAD Plotting, large sizes and more

  • Photocopying

    Colour & B/W Photocopying, Plan Copying/Jumbo Xerox, etc. on variety of media.

  • Lamination & Framing

    ID Cards, Photos, Paintings, Posters, Banners, Large size lamination, Framing, etc.

  • Scanning services – Colour & B/W

    We have already scanned millions of colour and black & white documents including text, pictures, maps, diagrams, drawings and other large sizes on different quality modes.

  • Binding

    A variety of binding options are available; Spiral, Comb, Wire’O, Spine, Book, Hard bound, Executive, etc.

  • Internet Caf'e

    Internet browsing, E-mail, Chatting, file down/up load. Staff Support is also available for customers who require internet browsing, e-mail, file down/up load, online registration, printing, scanning works, etc

Other Services

  • DTP / Word processing.........
  • Graphic Designing..
  • Colour Digital Prints..
  • Black & White Digital Prints.
  • AutoCAD Plotting..
  • Lamination..
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  • T-Shirt Printing.
  • Printing...
  • Public Telephone Booth..
  • Wide Format Digital Printing.
  • Wide Format Digital Colour Scanning..
  • Jumbo Xerox/Plan Printing, Copying..
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  • Black & White Copying..
  • Binding.
  • Internet Cafe..
  • Screen Printing.
  • Western Union Money Exchange.
  • Fax Service..
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